Episode 28: Colinless

Episode 28: Colinless

Join us this episode with Host Tim Shephard, and Panel Pro Rob Baker as they discuss what to do when your dream trailer turns into a nightmare. 

  • Where's Colin?
  • Rob’s Sovereign update
  • Listener question: Adding a two-piece a/c
  • The Ambassador update
  • Sub-floor repairs
  • theVAP heard in over 20 countries
  • Rob’s William Hung connection
  • When your dream trailer turns into a nightmare
  • Toaster Tales
  • Cherry Blossom Reality Rally
  • Vintage nightmare overwhelms
  • Rob’s vs. Steve’s
  • Rob’s bad day
  • Vintage trailer boot camp
  • The key, think baby steps



Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music


Release Date: 09-28-06

Running Time: 55:20