Episode 108: The DA Show

Episode 108: The DA Show

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they talk vintage.

-Lonely Spartan Manor
-WBBB update
-Snake versus mongoose.
-Todd from Silicon Valley wants Tim to organize a West Coast VAP Rally
-Problem:  Tim doesn’t go to rallys    Solution:  Organize and don’t go.
-Tim tries to pronounce the names of 10 towns.  
-Nathan and Marv’s 8 Track connection via the intern.
-Mike’s Napier Removall question and Colin’s answer.
-70’s trailer debate rages on…
-Nathan calls in asking what to do with interior vinyl walls.
-Frank questions Rob’s restoration ethics.
-Kathy from Iowa shout out to Barry.  Love for ’55 Flying Clouds.  Sings “vintage ditty."
-Colin updates progress on Scott and Kathy’s trailer.
-Bosco’s blog of 1960 Airstream Pacer link (link)
-Nancy from North Fayston, Vt has heater questions for a ’63 Globetrotter
Cadillac heater?  Too much Arnold?  What was the question?  Venting?  
-Questions from Facebook.
Jessie wants to know what’s nicer, state parks or private campgrounds?
Colin watching TV while taping show.  A digression ensues.
Favorite camping spot.
Steve Klohn asks about a show featuring the VAP wives.
Jot asks about favorite trips and techniques to make camping easier and fun.
-Continuing issues with the WBCCI.  Raising dues and partying on with your money!
Tim want a mute button for Skype
-Robert wants to know about autobody techniques.  Yet again, a digression ensues.
-What’s a “DA?”
-Craig asks about the most unlevel site you’ve had to park at.  
-Davon and Gary, thanks for the donations.  CDs are on the way!  Colin wants his.  
-Rob wants his sticker.  
-Parting shots are taken by all.   


Show notes by Dancin Hansen.


Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music

Running Time: 01:19:42

Release Date: 01-22-10