Episode 74: The Airstream Spirit

Episode 74: The Airstream Spirit
Join Host Tim Shephard, Panel Pro Rob Baker, and special guest Frank as they talk vintage.
-Courtesy parking at the Baker's
-Tim's 2000+ mile trip
-The snow wish
-Frank's fridge repair
-The Airstream Spirit
-You're making me tear up
-There's no snakes in there
-4000lb vs 9000lb
 -You're going to cry with this one
-SOB owner goes vintage
-Thumbs up
-I see the SOB, I pass it
-Detour the fairy
-The Oregon gas station
-The emergency purchase
-The black tank story
-The 45 foot stinky slinky
-How many amps for a coffee maker?
-Caller on why he likes his '74
Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music
Running Time: 53:46
Release Date: 07-11-08