Episode 50: Antsy for Airstreams

Episode 50: Antsy for Airstreams
Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Rob Baker as they discuss this weeks topics.
  • Colin gone at the Woodsman Rally
  • Rob’s visit to Vintage Trailer Crazy
  • Women immune from Aluminitus
  • 10th Wedding anniversary metal… Aluminum of course
  • Anty’s looking for an Airstream
  • How to locate a trailer
  • Patience is the big one
  • Listener email: Looking for an Airstream mistress
  • Rob’s new venture AirstreamMatchMaker.com
  • How to find the right trailer for you?
  • Vintage folks have to be handy
  • Are YOU right for vintage?
  • Try vintage
  • Start with your tow vehicle
  • Shorter trailers go fast, act quick
  • Shop when you’re not ready to buy
  • Rob’s decal obsession
  • The Ambassador’s Tahoe trip
  • TwinTemp keeps up with cold Tahoe water
  • RV-500 for Rob’s SOTR?
  • Is that new or polished?
  • South Lake Tahoe attractions
  • Rob’s not allowed in the casinos
  • Way Cool World
 Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music
Running Time: 50:50
Release Date: 08-04-2007