Episode 42: Cape Town to Cairo

Episode 42: Cape Town to Cairo
Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they talk with 2009 Cape Town to Cairo organizer Burt Kalet.
  • Cherry Blossom Rally
  • Robs STOR first rally in 40 years!
  • Align-Quick Hitching Guides
  • Original Cape Town to Cairo
  • Caravan took 9 months!
  • Do what the camels do
  • Why did Wally do it?
  • Biggest hardship
  • Most popular tow vehicle
  • Time for an overseas AS caravan
  • The 2009 C to C plan
  • 25 trailers will be shipped to Cape Town, Africa
  • Tow vehicle challenge
  • Sponsors stepping up
  • Eight children scheduled to go
  • 2001 Panama Canal Caravan
  • Third 50th year caravan for Burt
  • Some nights I can’t go to sleep
  • Can’t wait to go
  • Still looking for participants
  • 53 people scheduled to go
  • Expected cost of the trip
  • Ambassador of good will
  • Oprah, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Gates
  • Worldwide interest   
Release Date: 04-13-07
Running Time: 46:13