Episode 34: It's a Troubadour Christmas!

Episode 34: It's a Troubadour Christmas!

Join us for this special edition of the Vintage Airstream Podcast.  This Christmas we give you a very special show.  We talk with the "lead singer guy" Antsy McClain of the Trailer Park Troubadours.

The Troub's have been called the unofficial band of Airstream, having played twice at Airstream's Homecoming rally, and of course our theme song here at theVAP called Living in Aluminum.

Antsy McClain answers a lot of questions about himself and the band in this hour long interview.  He also introduces three songs from their new album Merry Christmas from the Trailer Park to help get you in the Christmas spirit!

Be sure to visit the Troub's website at unhiched.com.

Release Date: 12-21-06

Running Time: 56:13