Episode 31: The Call-In Show

Episode 31: The Call-In Show
Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as we talk with two Airstreamers from AZ and answer their questions.
Colin's polished trailer 
The Call In show not the Colin show
Ambassador Update
Upgrading the electrical panel
Rob’s danger socket!
New Formica counter top for vanity
Testing the All-rite tanks
Bathroom dry fitted
Prepping for the TwinTemp
Rob’s VAP groupie
Dave from Tempe, AZ
Is it always necessary to remove the inside skin?
Colin’s mice stories
How to replace the inside skin to get CCD look?
How to remove dents in compound curve?
Rob’s Ding King
How do you replace floor w/o removing the shell?
Jerry from Mesa, AZ
How do you refinish ABS plastic fixtures?
Is Thetford’s thermal waste destruction system practical?
How do you keep water spots off a polished trailer?
Will zolatone paint hold up in a shower stall?
The Rob-In show?
  Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music
Release Date: 11-09-06
Running Time: 51:26