Vintage VAP! – Episode 42: Cape Town to Cairo

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EpisodeĀ 42: Cape Town to Cairo

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Bakeras they talk with 2009 Cape Town to Cairo organizer Burt Kalet.

Release Date: 04-15-2022
Running Time: 50:18

Episode 364: To Crane or Not to Crane

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde, as they talk vintage!

TCT 103rd Convention
Cracker Barrel boondocking
WifiRanger Osprey video first look
WFRVAP 5% discount for WifiRanger
1965 Avion truck camper door latch
Lifting Ambassador by crane to work on it

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Release Date: 02/18/2022
Running Time: 36:05