Episode 15: Bringing It Home

Episode 15: Bringing It Home

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they discuss what it takes to bring your vintage dream home.  We also talk with Airstreamer Bill Kerfoot about how he purchased a 1954 Airstream Liner 3000 miles from his home!  And finally, theVAP talks with Leo of SaveWally.org.   Learn about their mission to save the name of the 50 year old Airstream owners club, the WBCCI.

Pros weigh in on the Winick design
Colin’s restoration update
Listener’s question: Sewer hose connections
Valterra’s universal adapter
Rob’s road kit: tow lights, nylon rope, floor jack
Tim’s advice: sometimes you gotta walk away
Safety chains & tow ball sizes
Rob’s road test, using the wrong ball size
Bill Kerfoots account: Picking up a trailer 3000 miles away
How to get a free Liner and a vacation

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Running Time: 54:45
Release Date: 03-30-06

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Episode 12: Restoration and Refurbishment

Episode 12: Restoration and Refurbishment

theVAP talks with the Vintage Airstream Club historian, Fred Coldwell.  Fred talks with us about the club, and educates us on vintage trailer ownership.

What is the Vintage Airstream Club (VAC)?
The VAC historian’s job:  Airstream history not club history
Preservation, Restoration, Refurbishment, and Modernization
Most renovations are refurbishments
Listeners question: What is the best way to maintain value, keep it original or change it?
Take time to learn the trailers design, layout, and usage
Colin’s restoration update
Rob’s run in with Dicky Riegel, Group President of Thor
Listener question: How is Rob’s trailer being polished?
Fighting the polish: Filiform Corrosion
Request for DIY restoration comments and questions
A polished Argosy?
Rob’s Sovereign somewhere between a restoration and refurbishment
Period appliances restored offer boondocking benefits
Restore or refurbish with trailer use in mind
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Running time:  52:52
Release date: 02-16-06

Episode 8: Talk of the Town

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro’s Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they discuss the weeks vintage topics.

TheVAP interviews Wally Byam founder of the Airstream Travel Trailer Company.   Wally jumps 50 years from the past to talk with us!  Wally talks with us about his travel trailers and caravans! 

Interview with Wally Byam
theVAP Listener Survey
Colin’s restoration update
Listener’s question: How to service a deadbolt?
Rob’s trailer door commits suicide!
Doohickey to save doors bent on self destruction
AS suicide door poppings explained
Zolatone paint 101
Paint spray guns explained: siphon feed, gravity feed, and pressure pot
Talk of the Town radio program from 1954 with guests Wally Byam and Mr. & Mrs. Pat Terry

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Release Date: 12-22-2005
Running time:  47:17