Episode 19: The Polishing Show

Episode 19: The Polishing Show

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they discuss how to polish your trailer to a mirror shine!  We also talk with Airstreamer Herb Spies whose trailer is so polished it was chosen to be in a magazine advertisement for Reese Products!


Colin’s restoration update
Listeners question: Repairing 70’s corroded taillights
The ABC’s on LED’s
The Shiniest Trailer there
A dissenter in our midst
Colin’s twelve sleeper
Mirror shine on a ‘93
Polishing is an art not a science
Rob’s Canadian Essence Polish
Stripping the clear coat
TheNAP - The New Airstream Podcast
Herb Spies and his ’63 Globe Trotter
Herb’s Polishing Hero
Lots of things will polish, the key is how much time it takes
Herb’s rally polishing demos
Someone else always has a shinier trailer
Herb’s unusual compounding experiment
Harbor Freight polishers
Herb’s Globe Trotter in Reese hitches ad
Running Time: 47:38
Release Date: 05-25-06