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The 60 amp Progressive Dynamics INTELI-POWER 9260C is a state-of-the-art electronic power converter and battery charger. It converters 120 VAC power to 12 VDC power for all your 12 VDC lights and appliances. And unlike old fashioned converters, it does a superb job charging and properly maintaining your RV’s battery.
Unlike earlier generation 9100 Series converters, 9200 Series converters have the Charge Wizard charging module built in so you don’t need to buy any add-on accessories for efficient battery charging.
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Teardrop Marker Light

I used these on my Ambassador.  I wouldn’t say the quality is great, but they sure beat trying to reuse the originals.  If you end up putting LED’s in them, you should seal the top edge of the lens cover with butyl tape.
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Window Gaskets & Tapes

Here is one area where Vintage Trailer Supply really delivers!  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to keep the water out of our beloved Airstreams without these custom gaskets.
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Airstream Nameplates
I love my custom nameplate from Vintage Trailer Supply!  When you finally get that trailer polished to a mirror shine, there is nothing like topping it off with a brand new quality nameplate.  Mine has been on for over eight years and still looks great!
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Shaver Tool for Olympic Rivets

Some get by using a small rotary tool to round out the tip.  If you have more than a handful to do, you need this tool.  Hopefully you can borrow one of these as they are a little pricey.  If not, it’s a great tool to have.  With not much practice you attach this to your drill and file that Olympic Rivet nice and round to match the trailers original bucked rivets.
Don’t tell anyone you bought one though, they’ll want to borrow it!
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Olympic Shaveable Rivets

Can’t really call yourself an Airstreamer until you’ve installed a few of these!  Seriously, Olympic Rivets are are great for small patches, or mounting name plates outside the trailer.  You can shave them to very closely match the original bucked rivets.  Don’t use them for a full panel replacement though, you need to buck them rivets!
I recommend buying the ones without the washers and dipping them in a dab of Vulkem before installation.
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Sure, you can use Vulkem to seal the seams.  But Parbond make the job a lot easier.  It’s narrow application tip and thin consistency allow it to seep right into the seam forming a great seal.  When you get good at it, you can apply it without masking!  I found it better than Alcoa Gutter seal as the gutter seal seemed to turn a tint of green over time.  Can’t go wrong with Parbond!
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TremPro 635 Polyurethane (Vulkem)

We always talk about Vulkem sealant on the show.  TremPro 635 Polyurethane has replaced Vulkem, which has been getting hard to find.  Don’t use silicone on your aluminum trailer!  You need this stuff.  An ounce of prevention….
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POR-15 Rust Prevention

If you’re working on frame repairs, you need this stuff!  POR15 keeps the rust from coming back!  Don’t think a can of Rustoleum is going to help you.  A little bit goes a long way.  Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.  It really does work.

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Fresh, gray, and black tanks.

We’re always talking about replacing tanks on the show.  Vintage Trailer Supply has already done the work of getting these custom tanks built.  Take advantage of it and replace your rotted tanks.  You’ll be glad you did!
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