VAP Window Cling

VAP Window Cling!  Sized at 3″ x 3″ so it will fit on a standard jalousie window louver.  It’s made to cling to the window without adhesive.  The design is made to apply to the inside of the window to protect the cling from the elements.

Don’t forget to buy two, you need one for your tow vehicle!

Pre-order now for $10 each, will be available to ship by 4/26.  


Blue applicator shown in photo is not included, you can subsitute an old credit card.



How to apply:

• Clean the surface with a non-ammonia cleaner and lint-free cloth. The application surface must be completely clean, dry, and smooth.


• Position the decal appropriately. Using a few small pieces of masking tape can assist in properly aligning the decal.


• Peel the backing from the decal. Remove the backing completely and stick the decal to the surface beginning at one edge and working to the opposing edge.  Remember to work from the center out toward the edges.


• If air bubbles remain, use a very sharp razor knife or pin to poke a hole at the edge of the bubble, then using your thumb force the air out the hole.