Episode 129: I Think It’s 129

Episode 129: I Think It's 129

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde and guest Frank Yensan as they talk vintage.

Intros and weathertalk.
VAP website gets hacked.  Backup everything always.  Geek talk.
Mystery jig/Frank’s gantry
Listener Nancy sends in list of book with Airstreams in them.
Some books require plain brown wrappers.
Tim, Colin and Frank list Airstream books they have.
Lance emails questions about his ’72 Ambassador and rear end sag.
Discussion on subfloor materials    
AC plywood, marine grade plywood, nyloboard, kusaboard.
Miss Brown’s mystery email asking for English language on sailormoonstars?
Voicemail questions from Denny in Mayland
Polishing ’99 Safari
Car buffer vs. Cyclo
Triametric location
Jack points
Kirk on facebook question and topic
Why do 70’s trailers weigh more than 60’s?
Woodland Travel in Grand Rapids, Michigan turning 5 vintage coaches into mobile Hush Puppy Shoe Showrooms to travel the world. 
Double-door update
Charles and Tony from 1st Impressions come to Frank’s Trailer Works and polish.
Seams sealed inside and out
Jalousie window work
Discussion on ’64 window styles
New employee Wayne
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Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music


Release Date: 1/14/2011

Running Time: 1:05:06

Show notes by Dancin' Hansen.