Episode 16: Airstream Construction

Episode 16: Airstream Construction



Episode 16: Airstream Construction

Join Host Tim Shephard and Panel Pros Colin Hyde and Rob Baker as they discuss Airstream Construction.  Don't know an outrigger from a cross member?  The Pros walk you through your trailers construction.  We also answer your questions about tandem axles and Winter camping!


Rob and Colin add to their Airstream collections
Rob’s May rally report
Listener’s question: Winter use & tandem axle advantages
Rob’s Marine wipes
Safety Skids only $16.95!
Single axle advantage: Toll roads!
Listener’s question: How to remove trailer shell
Trailer construction details
Vintage – continuous construction with hoops
Modern – Two sides and roof built separate
Shell removal techniques
Level chassis and floor critical
Buck rivets cheap – labor expensive!
Olympic rivet usage
Olympic rivet shaver
101 Uses for Baby Wipes


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Running Time: 46:37
Release Date: 04-13-06



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