Episode 187: China Bombs!

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde as they discuss the weeks vintage topics. 

Vinyl Tape used by listener for dis-simular metal separation


Listener's problem with uneven door


Listener's outrigger coming through skin

Rally round up
Ambassador's new tires (blog post)
China Bombs
New vintage owner
What does CCD mean?
Mounting generators
Quick toilet install
Adding rubber couplers to drain lines
Using vinyl tape for dis-similar metals
Rolling paint on endcaps
Venting for catalatic heaters
Adding a ceiling light when replacing vents
Emergency exiting
Axles and tires weight ratings
Outrigger ripping through skin
Outrigger shape
Turnabond tape vs butyl tape
Drains in the c-channel
60-70's vs current Airstreams
Sealing a Fantastic Vent
Release Date: 06-14-2013
Running time:  01:23:54
Thanks to the Trailer Park Troubadours for our theme music.