Episode 225: Wired Up!

Join host Tim Shephard and Panel Pro Colin Hyde as they discuss this weeks topics.



New VAP Store
Recommended Products
Growing pains
Need to rewire a trailer
50’s trailers didn’t use grommets on wires
Scotch 33+ electrical tape
Fluke multimeter
Intermittent shorts could be mice
Armored BX Cable for AC use
Replace breakers and boxes
Invest in a good voltmeter
12vdc distribution
Wire gauges for different loads
Welding cable for inverters
Control wires for relays
Learn about relays
RG58 for am/fm
Speakers wires
LMR400 cable for amplifying cell/wifi signals
CAT5/6 for wifi antennas
Solar pre-wire
Add a rally switch


Release Date: 02-06-2015
Running time:  01:10:57